Finance is top most priority for all small to midsize businesses. Keeping this need at forefront our firm has also expanded to providing financial support in form of bank loans and operating line.
We deal with all major banks and assist clients in arranging for either operating lines or term loans.
We also have expertise in developing business plans, financial projection, financial statements, notice to reader and review engagements.

Working Capital Solutions

Lines of credit to finance your receivables and inventory or flexible long-term loans for marketing, technology development, and export.
Businesses need funds to finance marketing, inventory, payroll, receivables, import/export and operating costs of the business operations.  We have several approaches to fund these requirements.

Some of our programs are:

Financing of receivables

Arranging a line of credit for operational expenses

Import financing

Inventory financing

Contractor purchase order financing

Insuring receivables

Contractor purchase order financing

Startup or Expansion financing

Up to 100% financing for your equipment required for expansion and up to 90% financing leased improvement and equipment purchase.

Real Estate Financing

Higher percentage of funding for construction, refinancing of existing property or obtaining commercial mortgage.

Cash based businesses

We also assist some of the cash-based businesses such as gas stations, convenient stores, franchises with their financing requirements.